Irish's Gymnastics FAQ's
Q: What should my child wear to class?
A:  White socks or trampoline shoes are required for all students.
For safety reasons, long hair must be pulled away from the face.  
No jewelry, blue jeans, baggy clothing or pants that are too long!  
GIRLS may wear a leotard,  or a tank top/t-shirt (tucked in) with shorts.
BOYS may wear a competition shirt & shorts or a tank/muscle shirt/ t-shirt
(tucked in), and shorts.

Q:  When are class fees due?
A:  Class fees are due on the first class of each session. Please see our
class dates page for session information.
If class fees are not received on or before your first class date of the
session,  a $10 late fee will be charged.

Q:  Is there a student registration fee?
A:  Yes, there is an annual $35 registration fee for each student.  
You will pay this the first month that you start attending classes.  
Each year during that month you will need to renew your gym membership.  
This will be done by paying your registration fee and filling out a new
registration form.  

Q:  What forms of payment do you accept?
A:  Irish's Gymnastics accepts cash, personal checks & money orders.  

Q:  Do you offer gift certificates?
A:  Yes!!  You can purchase a gift certificate for any amount to be used for
class fees, registration fees and/or a leotard.  

Q:  Can my child begin classes in the middle of a session or do we
need to wait until the beginning of the next session?
A:  You may begin classes at any time during the session.  You will receive
your free trial class.  We will prorate the rest of your first session for you to
reflect any missed classes as well as your free trial class.  THIS IS THE

Q:  Can my child make up missed classes?
A:  Missed classes can be made up when the reason that the class was
missed was due to student illness.  We also offer make up classes in the
event that Irish's Gymnastics needs to close due to severe winter weather.

You must speak with Danny or Dawn bef
ore making up a class.  All makeups must be done in the appropriate class

Q:  How can my child become part of the competitive team?
A: All athletes moving from a recreational class into a team class must be
approved by Danny.  If you are interested in having your child join our
team,please let Danny know.    

Q:  Are Irish's Gymnastics classes offered in other locations?
A:  Yes!  Our main location for classes is located in Gilman, IL.  Other
locations where classes are taught are as follows.

Preschool and beginner tumbling classes are held in Paxton on Friday's
after school during the school year.  
Danny teaches these classes which are offered through the Paxton Park
Click here for Paxton Park District tumbling sign up information.